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22 January 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Fandom and life  
So on rediscovering the joys of livejournal I had noticed that it has been a little over a year since I had updated. I can hardly expand on what happened that whole year (because other then getting that job at Filmaka I don't really know what I did), so I thought I should just explore what is happening now.

--Ok anyone that has a twitter should follow @NCLRights or #prop8 because this whole prop 8 trial in California is the most entertaining thing I have watched in a long time. Seriously, its like soap opera that actually matters.

-- In the past couple of days I had realized how important it actually is to talk to people that don't have the greatest understanding of homosexuality or gay rights. It is a divided issue so probably you know someone who does not believe in gay marriage. Just last weekend i had a meaningful conversation with my 16yold sister where i gave her reasons why homosexuality wasn't a choice, and that you cannot turn children at a young age gay just by telling them of the option. *sigh* I really wish she didint grow up in such a religiously conservative area.

--I am adrift in Fandom. I have none that really sparks my interst. Holmes/ Watson is moving in quite fast though. Still, I long for the spark that H/D had for me. Any good ones let me know.=)

Fandoms i hope to get back to
- Psych
- Jon/Stephen (pundit slash)
- Star trek
- Harry Potter
- Sherlock Holmes

So..um..Hello again friends. I'm back, new and improved.
Current Music: The Last Conan O'Brien
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